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A letter to my best friend on her birthday

Dear best friend...

Happy birthday babe. You made it! You managed to survive the hardest year of your life so far, and I am incredibly proud of you. I 100% know that he is proud of you too. It won't ever hurt any less, but each year will get a little easier now, I promise.

We've been friends for such a short amount of time in relation to everything you've gone through, but I've adored every single minute that we've spent together. You make me laugh until I have tears streaming down my face, whether it's over a basket of cheese fries, or scouring vintage stores. We have so many adventures, and there's so many more to come!

I love how I can tell you absolutely anything, no matter how weird or gross or silly it may be. And you definitely don't hold back with telling me things either - I don't think I can ever look at your shower the same way again!

You always support me with every fibre of your being. Whether it's being there for each and every ice skating lesson (I love my Skate Mom) or driving over to keep me company when I'm not feeling well, you're completely selfless, and I know I can always rely on you at a moment's notice, should I need to. I hope that I support you too.

I hope you're having a wonderful day so far, and I can't wait to see you this weekend to celebrate properly. Whether we go out and get absolutely blitzed, or stay in watching conspiracy theories, it'll be perfect as long as we're together.

See you soon, Battletits.

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