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It's all getting a too bit much right now

Just another one of those posts where I word vomit all over the place.

Everything is getting a bit too much for me right now, and I feel like I've reached my limit with what I can do to manage it. I want to just go to bed and sleep through a few days until it's all over. Unfortunately that's not a real option, now or ever.

So what's my problem?

  • I spent WAY too much money on LUSH products and the guilt is setting in
  • I'm now up to £800 in debt on my credit card
  • My car has failed it's MOT
  • My car insurance is due in 10 days 
  • I'm going into hospital for a minor surgery tomorrow
  • I have no idea how I'm even going to get to and from the hospital
  • My dog keeps eating stupid things and I constantly think she's going to die
  • My fiance seems sad all the time and won't tell me why
  • My best friend never has time for me anymore
  • I look horrible in my new skating leggings but can't return them
  • I hate my job. But I don't. But I do.
  • I've left it a month to pick up my prescription and daren't call to see if it's still there
  • I'm breaking out in spots all over my face and shoulders
  • My room is a mess and feels too small for everything that's in it

Writing it down has made me feel a little better.

It will all be okay.

And breathe...